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Executive Centre for Physiotherapy was started on a small scale by Mr. Sreejith. M. Nampoothiri. Our institution has grown into a well-established clinic with thousands of satisfied patients. We have been accepted as one among the Pioneer institutes for Physiotherapy in Kerala owing to the quality of service, commitment, and sincerity to patients and society. We have found a unique place in Physiotherapy field which is being accepted by patients as well as other medical professionals. We provide quality and qualified skilled art of healing through Physiotherapy with individual attention and care by experienced male and female therapists with utmost privacy.

Mr. Sreejith M Nampoothiri, the man behind this successful venture; is backed by many years of service in the field of Physiotherapy. Mr. Sreejith began his career as a Physiotherapist and lecturer at the Vojta Therapy in Jeevan Prakash Child Centre. He has also extended his valuable services to various prominent hospitals. He has worked as a Physiotherapist at the Medical College Hospitals, Trivandrum and also at the LMS Polio Home and Grace Bhavan, Trivandrum. At the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum; he worked as a Consultant Physiotherapist.

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About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a branch of modern medicine which deals with diagnosis, treatment and Prevention of various diseases with physical sources such as heat, light, electricity, sound waves, electromagnetic waves, laser, biological principles, mechanical forces, soft tissue mobilisation and manipulation techniques such as Myofascial release, Nerve mobilisation, Manipulation technique, Muscle Energy techniques, Therapeutic Exercises and massage for treatment and prevention of the ailment. Physiotherapy is used either directly or in association with other systems of treatment.

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