In the modern century, man is exposed to all kind of pollutants; the air we breathe, the food we take, the water we drink and the medicines which we use for treatment is having many proven side effects.

Physiotherapy is a drugless hand skilled art of healing which doesn’t have any side effects because it utilizes only physical agents for treatment.

Physiotherapy is a universally accepted scientific form of treatment having an allopathic background for diagnosis and uses physical sources for treatment and also Physiotherapy goes deep into the root cause of the disease and helps to cure and prevent the recurrence through correction of the root cause.

The renewed interest given to the body and the role of physiotherapy practice in managing it is critical to ones well being.

Today physiotherapy is more of a preventive procedure than clinical or remedial.

The concept of physiotherapy is supported by almost all branches of medical practitioners and has evolved as the first point of contact practitioner.

Potential benefits for patients are immense for musculoskeletal management, post-hospitalization management, recovery of muscle strength following multi- level orthopedic surgery, Physiotherapy for seniors with recurrent headache owing to dysfunction of neck.

Just as periodic overhauling is must for well-oiled machine so do physiotherapy keeps your muscles toned and joints supple