World physiotherapy day falls on september 8th. World confederation of physiotherapy (wcpt) is an international organization of physiotherapists, having members from more than hundred countries. Every year wcpt organizes world physiotherapy day celebrations with a specific theme intented to spread the usefulness of physiotherapy as a treatment stream and also the commitment of physiotherapists in health care system, to general public as well as other medical professionals.The theme of this year is, “Physiotherapy for mental health”.
Physiotherapy has evidence of its origin even from 400 bc. Now it has emerged in to a drugless stream of treatment without any side effects. It is having a strong academic curriculam enables physiotherapists to assess, diagnose and treat patients belonging to the scope of physiotherapy with physical modalities and also to refer the patients beyond its scope to other specialists. Realizing the importance of physiotherapy, ministry of health and family welfare, govt of india, has made a curriculam for physiotherapists to ensure standardised physiotherapy education in the country. Physiotherapy has a strong allopathic modern medicine background, helps to have a clinical diagnosis followed with a physiotherapeutic assesment, diagnosis and treatment with physical modalities. In physiotherapy graduation course, the candidate has to study detailed basic medical subjects like anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, preventive and community medicine, orthopeadics, neurology, cardiology, gynaecology etc along with physiotherapeautic subjects like electrotherapy, exercise therapy, biomechanics, clinical kinesiology, soft tissue and joint manipulation techniques, its indications and contraindications. Now the physiotherapeutic science is developing even to a stage of visceral manipulation to cure many ailments. Physiotherapy also has a complimentary role with other systems of treatments and also have inevitable role in icu in preventing associated complications, early mobilization of patients to functional productive life after surgeries and traumatic injuries. Physiotherapist plays a key role in palliative care, pain management, rehabilitation of neuro musculoskeletal and sports injuries. As the physiotherapist is having constant relation with the patient and the family members, he has to address their physical as well as psychosocial elements during the process of rehabilitation.
 Physiotherapy can play a major role in improving mental health. It is reported that there are around 300 million people suffer from issues related with mental health like depression. It is scientifically proved that exercises can enhance, release and maintain the balance of many neurotransmitting chemicals in the brain, like endorphin, adrenaline, serotonine, dopamine, norepineprine etc can induce a sound sleep, proper digestion, feeling of wellness by reducing stress and thereby reduces many disabling physical and mental state.
On the otherhand physiotherapy is facing lot professional insecurities. For every profession, especially dealing with public health, there should be a governmental regulatory body. In its absence, anyone who dosent have recognised academic qualification can practice physiotherapy which may endanger the public health as physiotherapist has to attend patients belonging to all specialities of modern medicine even in critically ill stage.Though many states in india has physiotherapy council, kerala dosent have a physiotherapy council. There are nearly 20 colleges offers physiotherapy graduation and post graduation under kerala health university and nearly 1500 graduates are entering in to professional practice, as there is less vaccancies in goverment sector, most of the physiotherapist depends on private practice and private hospitals for their livelyhood. Lack of council prevents representation of professional issues including deserving wages before the government provides room for quacks to practice fake cources in physiotherapy. Absence of council in the state and country reduces scope for attaining jobs in foreign countries due to lack of governmental verification of qualifications. The demand of physiotherapists for the formation of council is only to standardise and regulate academics and practice of physiotherapy in the state and to protect the right to practice physiotherapy as granted by the recognised universities. Government of india is having intention to form central physiotherapy council which is in draft form. Physician add years to life physiotherapist add life to years.